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2nd Gala of Sports Champions 2023

The end of the school year is a time of summaries and reflection. The Sports Champions Gala, which was held in our school for the second time. It was a summary of the whole year of sports struggles of our wonderful and brave students from both primary and high school.

The event began with the introduction and presentation of the general results achieved in the 2022/23 school year, i.e.:

  • 12 disciplines in which we took part
  • We took part in competitions and tournaments at various levels 46 times
  • 159 students had the opportunity to represent the school at least once in competitions
  • 81 students won medals
  • 16 cups and awards for the school were won by students

Then we returned to the results of the ranking of the Mokotów district for 2021/2022. In the category of children and youth of primary schools, we took 1st place out of 31 schools, and in the category of high schools, 5th place out of 23 schools. Which is an outstanding achievement considering the intimate nature of our school and the lack of sports facilities.

In the general part of the gala, we could get to know the chronological course of the sports competition and get to know the profiles of our representatives and their achievements. The number of medals, cups and distinctions for our team makes proud not only parents, but the entire school community.

During this wonderful event, representatives of the school from individual classes were invited to the stage and decorated by the Principal Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska herself with commemorative cast medals with thanks for representing the school. They could also choose a prize from gadgets funded by the school and parents. The representatives of the school at the Warsaw Championships additionally received personalized T-shirts with the school’s logo and name.

After discussing all the competitions, the best representatives of the school in each category were invited to the stage. These students received certificates, thanks and prizes given by our physical education teachers. This year, for the first time, the title of athlete of the year was also awarded, which was won ex aequo by Zara Edris from class 5A and Bruno Woźniak from class 7A.

The gala ended with thanks addressed to Principal Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska, Mr. Piotr Szyposzyński, a school bus driver loved by students, as well as students and their parents. Without the cooperation and support from all sides, such a huge success would not be possible.

We encourage you to view the photos from the gala.

PE Team
Emilia i Michał