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Inauguration of the school year 2023/24

It is already the end of the summer holidays and time to welcome our students to school.

Today there was the inauguration of the school year, with fascinating lectures on the role of art in education and law and order.

During the lectures, Professor Piotr Bogdanowicz from the University of Warsaw expained why law and order is important and why law must be based on values, while Renata Słowińska and Marta Pokorska talked about the impact of perceiving and creating art on a person’s intellectual capacity.

Our students, Iwo Bralczyk and Mateusz Piszczako, shared their experiences from the Young Ambassadors’ Exchange from Taipei, Taiwan.

After the ceremony, our teachers and pupils set off on a “green school.”

This is just the very beginning of the events awaiting our students 🙂



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