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In the 2023/24 school year, we do not recruit for the Chrildren’s Club.

Paddington BearChildren's Club

Our Children’s Club consists of 310 square meters of space surrounded by greenery, located in the heart of Mokotów, only 15 minutes away from the city center. Royal Łazienki Park, Morskie Oko Park and Sielecki Park are all located within walking distance of our Club.

The Club caters to the needs of children between the ages of 1 and 3. We ensure their healthy, physical and mental development in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The Club is a part of the Paddington Bear International Kindergarten and follows the IB philosophy. We encourage our kids to be inquisitive and independent, promoting attitudes such as empathy, courage, confidence, social responsibility and sensibility.

Understanding how crucial the first three years of life are in a child’s overall development, we put special emphasis on qualities such as self-reliance and proper self-esteem, aiding our students in exploring the world and finding their own place in it. Our management received training during international workshops organized by the IB and has first-hand experience of implementing the PYP (Primary Years Programme) in early years education.

Where we takeour first steps

We want our facility to be a space that promotes happy and healthy play with focus on developing children’s motor skills. We pay special attention to our kids’ proper nutrition (all meals are prepared in our kitchen on the premises) and offer a wide range of extra classes promoting physical activity.

Bearing in mind our pupils’ proper physical development, we make sure that they spend as much time outside as possible. Activities we offer at the Children’s Club promote the message of active living from an early age, influencing children’s emotional health and stimulating their imagination and resourcefulness.

    We offer:

  • Professional, loving care provided by our dedicated team,
  • Secure outdoor area,
  • Healthy, nutritional and well balanced diet for your child; all the food is prepared daily on the premises by our resident cook,
  • An option to bring your child’s meals separately.

A placewhere a child:

Always goes first

Feels at home

Expands his/her knowledge

Is a creator

Expands his/her skills

Explores the world using senses

Knows his/her rights

Learns about humanist values


Every day, our pupils are welcome to take part in a range of activities that provide a rich, age-appropriate learning experience across the curriculum. We meet each child’s individual needs for sleep. Quiet time takes place in a calm, relaxing atmosphere in which children listen to soft music, audiobooks or stories read aloud by the teachers.

Arts & crafts activities supporting overall development

Games with Klanza sheet

Gymnastics, dancing, physical activities

Free access to musical instruments, eurhythmics

Manipulative games, drama games, story-based games

Celebrations (Santa Claus’ Day, Children’s Day)

Daily contact with English language

Quiet time with listening to soft music


In the 2023/24 school year, we do not have enrollment for the Children’s Club. Children may join Paddington Bear Kindergarten, if there are available places.

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Górska 7, 00-740 Warszawa

Opening hours

7:30am - 5:30pm


In school year 2022/2023:
Entry fee - toddler: 1000,00 zł (two kids, one fee)
Tuition - toddler: 2120,00 zł (25440 zł anually)

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