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St. Nicholas Table Tennis Tournament

On Tuesday afternoon, December 5, the next edition of the St. Nicholas Table Tennis Tournament took place. This year, a record number of 36 students from grades 3-4 PYP, 5-8 MYP and high school took part in the competition. For the first time, each table where the matches were played had a referee assigned to it – a Grade 2 Pre-DP student. After playing over 60 matches, the best players in each age category were selected:

PYP+MYP girls:

  1. Ola (4A), Frania (5B), Zara (6A)
  2. Emilia (6A)
  3. Solomia (5B)


  1. Nicholas (4B)
  2. Leon (4A)
  3. Kazimierz (4A), Antek (4B)


  1. Szymon (2 Pre-DP)
  2. Filip (1 Pre-DP)
  3. Maksymilian (2Pre-DP)


  1. Marysia (2Pre-DP)
  2. Nelly (2Pre-DP)
  3. Franciszka (2Pre-DP)

Then, all the registered participants started competing in an integration tournament in the OPEN formula, where the system drew pairs, and in this way the 3rd-grader could integrate with the high school student through sports. During the break, all participants could take part in a fitness competition “who will receive the trainer’s service”, where sweet St. Nicholas gifts were waiting for everyone.

After playing over 80 matches in the OPEN “PE TEAM CUP” tournament, the 6 best were selected:

  1. Alan (8A)
  2. Leon (7A)
  3. Maksymilian (2Pre-DP)
  4. Alex (7A)
  5. Filip (1Pre-DP)
  6. John (6A)

As if the excitement of the day wasn’t enough – at the end, for the first time, willing parents had a chance to integrate at the table, who, apart from having great fun and integrating among parents from different classes, selected the best table tennis players of the day:

  1. Mr. Mariusz, father of Maciej from class 5A
  2. Mr. Wojciech, father of Leon from class 7A
  3. Mr. Mariusz, father of Mikołaj from class 5B
  4. Mr. Paweł, father of Maksymilian from 2 Pre-DP and Helena from 7A
  5. Mr. Maciej, father of Janek from class 7A
  6. Mr. Marcin, father of Sasza from class 3A
  7. Mrs. Patrycja, mother of Sasza from class 3A

Congratulations to everyone taking part and thank you for the great atmosphere. We would also like to thank the judges: Mateusz, Gustaw, Mikołaj and Antek from class 2 Pre-DP “B” and we are now inviting the summer edition of the tournament on the occasion of Children’s Day.PE TEAM

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