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Mokotów Championships in individual and relay cross running

Last week, students of our Primary School and High School took part in the Mokotów Championships in individual and relay cross-country runs. Our school’s team took part in 800, 1000 and 1500 m runs at the start.

The individual competition was held on Monday. 633 participants took part in the primary school category, and 337 students from schools in Mokotów in the secondary school category. In the most popular age category, 118 students took part at the same time, so it is easy to imagine how popular running is. Two students from our school were in the top eight, and at the same time they advanced to the next stage of the running competition, which is the Warsaw Championships. Special congratulations are due to Bruno (8A) for winning the bronze medal in the 1000-meter run in the youth category and Maja (5A) for taking 5th place. On October 6, these students will proudly represent our school and district in the Warsaw Championships.

The relays were held on Thursday, and the 3rd Monnet team took part in the children’s category, girls and boys, as well as the boys’ relay team in the youth category.

Thank you to all students for participating. Congratulations on your success and we keep our fingers crossed for the results of the next stages of the competition!

PE Team

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