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10th issue of Gazeta Monneta

Dear readers!

      This is the tenth issue of our newspaper! A lot has happened, both in Poland and in the world, since June. When I was walking through the corridor of our school, I happened upon issue three from 2021. There, I marvelled at returning to school after a months-long pandemic. I appreciated direct contact with students and teachers, without the barrier of a screen.

     Today we have other challenges than returning to normality after a period of remote education. The challenge for us is to encourage young people to be more active, to show young people that they can do a lot on their own and how much depends on them. I have great hope for the actions of the newly elected school council in presenting youthful independence and effectiveness.

     The main theme of the September School Camp for high school students was Space and Place. The slogan from this trip inspired us and we developed it as the motto of the 10th issue of Gazeta Monneta. It reads: “Space is within us and around us.” Creating this issue, we wanted to answer the following question: How can we create a space for students at school to make them feel better and feel at home? There have been many articles on this topic created by both our students and teachers.

     Space is sometimes also what surrounds us. In the topography of a dynamically growing school, creating a friendly place for each student is certainly a logistical challenge. Every school year, decisions are made related to the evolution of the school space. This year, an expanded yard was built in Zbierska Street. Students have a 40-minute lunch break and time to get outside for fresh air. There has been a beautiful piano on the third floor for several years. You can sit down and create a bit of musical space for yourself. Recently, during the National Education Day, students of grade 3A of the Diploma Programme made beautiful decorations on and around the stage. It seems that the new design will stay with us for a long time.

     I wonder why students sometimes interpret space for themselves as the need to separate themselves from other people. It happens that young people immerse themselves in their own world, wearing headphones, not looking at others and practically gliding through school corridors, cut off, closed off and isolated. Maybe this is a manifestation of the need to find something just for yourself, something intimate that others will not have access to? Maybe it’s the need to relax before a difficult test, after an argument with a friend or a way to deal with the blues?

I wish for myself and all of us that this would change, that students would talk to each other and to us – teachers – more often. I hope that the numerous activities, festivals and debates this school year will contribute to greater integration within the school community.

I am glad that our newspaper is still a space for our students. Beautiful poems in Spanish were created, as well as articles in French and Polish about art and sports in the French-speaking area. In total, we managed to collect texts in as many as four different languages for the current edition! The 10th issue contains articles on psychology, art and even the automotive industry. I also recommend cultural reviews, reports from travels and school trips, poetry and columns. I would like to thank all teachers, both those who wrote their texts for Gazeta Monneta and those who inspired our students to write texts for the current issue. I trust that by reading the autumn issue of Gazeta Monneta, you will discover the talents of our students and learn more about the world around us.I wish you fruitful reading!

Aleksander Jarnicki
Editor-in-chief of Gazeta Monneta