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Gazeta Monneta – 9th issue

Dear readers,

How do we get information in the modern world? In the past, the standard was the morning newspaper at breakfast, with the radio blaring in the background. In the evening at 7:00 p.m. the children usually watched a cartoon, then some news and a film on TV. Today, I am sometimes surprised to discover how one of the students, describing how he spends his free time, says that he does not watch films because he does not have a TV. Instead, he has a phone that has become his favourite entertainment centre.

I  have recently read an interesting article about how New Yorkers listen to music. They separate themselves from the noise of the city by absorbing music on their smartphones. You can no longer hear the hustle and bustle of the city, the conversations of other passers-by, the rumble of the subway. You are surrounded by the sounds of hip hop, jazz, and maybe an interesting podcast on one of the streaming platforms.

Polish cities now look similar to New York. Have you noticed how quiet it is in Warsaw buses? Nobody talks. It is worth watching people going to work or school immersed in the sounds of their favourite music. Sometimes, in addition, you can see someone devouring an interesting book on paper, more and more often on an electronic reader or phone screen.

How today’s young people perceive new media is the leading topic of the latest issue of Gazeta Monneta. There were also many articles about art. Enjoy the enlarged Spanish-language section and the first article in French! More and more articles are also created thanks to teachers teaching in all our facilities. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the creation of this issue.

Finally, a short observation. Returning home, as usual with headphones in my ears, I entered the park. And suddenly I felt stupid. I turned off the music and listened to the sounds around me. Quiet conversations of passers-by, spring birds singing and the rustle of leaves put me in a very good mood. I wish you such impressions during the upcoming holidays.

Aleksander Jarnicki
Editor-in-chief of Gazeta Monneta