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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

On October 23-27, the fourth edition of Mental Health Awareness Week took place in our school. This year the main theme was “Colors of Emotions”.

During Wednesday’s final, eight groups from grades 2-4 presented their projects: films and presentations. The students showed us, for example, how non-neurotypical people feel emotions, how to fight addictions, or what are the consequences of rejection by peers.

We also had the opportunity to hear the Monnet band perform the songs “Satisfaction” and “Simply the Best”. Congratulations to our fantastic musicians on their energizing performance, and special thanks to the Principal Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska for her courage and inspiring attitude.

The MYP Theater has its first performance for older high school students entitled “Colors of Emotions”. The script was written by Mrs. Natalia Fijałkowska, the theater’s guardian. The young actors, despite their stage fright, did their very best, presenting a story inspired by the film “Inside Out”.

We also met the winners of the 1st Photography Competition, in the name of the late Jerzy Piskorski, entitled “Colors of Emotions”. 12 works were submitted to the competition. All of them represented a high artistic level. The main prize was won by Helena Skupień for her work “Loudness”, in which a dynamic composition, energetic colors and unusual light and texture effects combined to create an extremely modern and non-obvious approach to the competition theme. Other distinctions were awarded to: Iga Włodarczyk, Michał Broda, Valeriia Zaozerska, Jin Yang Jing, Igor Kaliszuk and Weronika Włodarczyk.

As part of the celebrations on Friday, the 4th Floor Theater presented a short performance entitled: Escape from loneliness into solitude. The actors/students presented on stage the emotions and thoughts of a person falling into addiction. A difficult topic and difficult text – based on original notes of addicts – was expressed using acting and colors. Julia Laurosiewicz, Frania Orłow-Ostrowska, Natalia Świętochowska, Nathalie-Sophie Janowski, Ola Mikołajczyk, Dominik Ryfiński and Antek Niezgoda told us a difficult, yet important story.


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