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Report from the 10th Football Memorial

On Thursday, October 21, 2021 there was a memorial of Fr. Józef Jońca, a tragically deceased sports animator among young people. A team of boys and two teams of girls representing the PYP and MYP programs took part in the competition:

The boys: Leon, Aleksander, Ksawery, Stanisław, Albert (all 5A), Lew, Jan (4A) and Mateusz, Dimitar, Olaf (4B) took 5th place after many tough matches.

Girls representing the building at ul. Belwederska, they turned out to be unbeatable, taking 1st place???: Ruby, Rozalia, Lila, Nika (6A), Małgosia, Lena, Weronika (5A) and Julia, Marcela (7A).

Girls representing the building at ul. Stępińska took 3rd place, appearing in the following line-up???: Emilia (4A), Zosia (4B), Ala, Ala, Maja, Masha (3A) and Franciszka (3B).

In addition, the boys, as befits the students of the IB program, took second place in the competition of knowledge about football and Józef Joniec’s father. ?

Applause for our brave representatives, most of whom it was a debut in such competitions, so they showed the feature of the IB student profile – “RISK TAKERS – risk takers”.

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