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The Jean Monnet Private Primary School implements the Primary Years Program and Middle Years Programme of the IB. International Baccalaureate Organization programs are appreciated in the circles of traveling people working in international corporations, who often change their place of living. The parents of our students emphasize the value of the skills that IB programs develop in the child, the student-friendly learning atmosphere and the relationships they establish in our community. The character of the IB school is the inflow and outflow of students regardless of the moment during the school year. Currently, the school has free places in the following classes:

Primary Years Program:

1st grade – 2 free places
2nd grade – 3 free places
3rd grade – 2 free places
4th grade – 2 free places

Contact us: rekrutacjapyp@monnet.pl

Middle Years Programme:

8th grade  – 4 free places

Please contact us to discuss the recruitment rules and dates.



1. Admission fee

150,00 PLN

3. Tuition fee

36000,00 PLN annually payable in twelve instalments (of PLN 3000,00 each) or ten instalments (of PLN 3600,00 each) at parents’ will

2. Entrance fee

1500,00 PLN (2 children – one fee)

4. Additional fees

Lunches, trips, outings, green school, books, student’s equipment

Bank account number:

PKO Bank Polski SA
24 1020 1169 0000 8602 0181 4128