ul. Stępińska 13 (PYP)
ul. Belwederska 6a (MYP)
Szkoła podstawowa PYP
Szkoła podstawowa MYP
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About us

Monnet International School

Prywatna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 95 (IB World School No 001483) was founded in 2012 and since then it has started implementing the Primary Years Programme. It guarantees a wonderful atmosphere which encourages to independent inquiries, as well as a very high level of classes given in both Polish and English.

Our primary school is a very stimulating place. Our teachers are warm, sensitive, serene and wise, trained on international workshops run by the International Baccalaureate. They can inspire students to joyful, creative and vigorous activities.


Our school’s philosophy emphasizes interdisciplinary approach towards education to create socially responsible and critically thinking citizens who are aware of the world’s diversity and complexity. Our mission is to develop our students’ natural curiosity in order to make them lifelong learners. Our well-balanced curriculum permits students to learn how to respect different cultures as well as support their own opinions and ideas. We focus not only on students’ academic preparation, but also on their social, physical, emotional, and cultural development.

We understand international education as a multi-level ongoing process that allows students to understand and to respond to new challenges they encounter in the contemporary world. Our educational offer is created in accordance with international standards and teaching methods. All programmes implemented in our school are designed to increase children’s sensitivity to other people’s cultures, attitudes, and needs. We believe this approach will help young people to find their place in the international community and to develop their interest in being active members of a global society.

We aim to develop in our students:

  • compassion,
  • Learner Profile attitudes,
  • ability to take socially responsible actions as a result of the learning process.


  • We teach how to ask questions
  • We show the benefits of learning about different areas of knowledge
  • We grant independent decision-making and support opinion forming
  • We develop verbal communication skills (accuracy and correctness of Polish, English, Chinese) as well as non-verbal
  • We build sense of security through adherence to principles
  • We promote openness to others
  • We teach taking care of the world
  • We encourage taking the risk
  • We shape habits of healthy life
  • We develop the skills of contemplation and reflection

Jean Monnet

Jean Monnet (1888-1979), Jean Monnet (1888-1979) – a well-educated French politician and economist, a citizen of the world. In 1955, Monnet founded the Action Committee for the United States of Europe which supported economic cooperation in Europe. He promoted the idea of the united Europe as he believed that only the united Europe could guarantee peace.

Why is Jean Monnet the patron of our school?

  • Because he endeavoured to strengthen peace around the world.
  • Because he had a vision. He constructively changed Europe.
  • He loved people and life. He had great aspirations.