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What’s up with 4 graders?

The third week of the PYP Exhibition we started by establishing the Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry for our Unit in the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves”.

We also called our groups. Here they are:

• Ultimate Team

• Painters

• Internet Masters

• Music & Dance

• We Are Animals

Members of each group planned with mentors current activities on the selected Line of Inquiry. During the week we created posters and Power Point presentations. On the 12th of March the ‘Internet Masters’ group reminded the school community about the 30th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web (WWW), a global information system. Krzysztof, who is in the ‘We Are Animals’ group, presented his pet – a hamster. During the art class we designed group crest.

We also were brainstorming with our parents, thanks to which we gathered many great ideas for further group activities, different meetings and places to visit. There are so many ideas that we cannot wait to start implement them 🙂

Do not forget our next weekly report!

Best regards,

4a and 4b Graders


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