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The first two weeks of the PYP Exhibition are over!

The first two weeks of the PYP Exhibition are over!

It was an intense time during which we carried out many important tasks for the Exhibition. Everything began with workshops on the issue of academic honesty, which was led by Mrs. Angelika Maj. We learned, among others, what intellectual property, plagiarism, bibliography and inspiration are.

During the first week, we also signed important documents: Commitment to Academic Honesty and Guidelines for the PYP Exhibition. We set up the Exhibition Journals in which we will collect our materials and notes related to the project. We were also brainstorming the concept of the Exhibition and recalled the attributes of the Learner Profile, skills and IB attitudes. We took part in a meeting with Mrs. Marta Pokorska, who told us about different ways of expressing ourselves through the art. We read a comic by Mrs. Jolanta Borodzik, which helped us understand what the PYP Exhibition is all about. The inspiring moment was sharing the various books that will be useful in our Exhibition activities. Five thematic groups have formed thanks to our choices:

  • Art
  • Animals
  • Dance and Music
  • ICT
  • Sports

During the second week, in these five teams we created questions according to the key concepts. Then we wrote down the lines of inquiry that we would like to explore during the Unit of Inquiry. We also designed crests of our groups. At the end of the week, we met with mentors and repeated the rules of cooperation in the group. With the support of teachers, we have created the Central Idea and planned the next activities.

We are excited about future activities! Wait for more messages from us.

Students in grades 4a and 4b


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