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World Book Day in grade 2B

On the occasion of World Book Day, we wish all lovers of the literature great moments while reading. We celebrated this day by reading excerpts from our favorite books. We have for you a list of books that we currently read and reasons to read. 🙂
1. Timur “I read books because they are interesting. Now I read the Harry Potter series again. The wizard’s world is very addictive.”
2.Mary “When you read books, you can feel someone else and be in a different world. Now I read ‘Kocia kawiarenka’ series. The heroine is Isla, who loves cats and with the help of family and friends sets up a cat cafe.”
3.Marcel “I read a series of books ‘Magiczne drzewo’. They tell about the adventures of a group of children Latte cats”.
4. Flora “When I read, I imagine other worlds and meet new heroes. Now I read ‘Prawdziwe przyjciółki’ about the friendship of Shannon and Adrienne.”
5. Tymon “There are interesting stories in the books. I really like ‘Piaskowy wilk’. This is a book about the adventures of Karusia and her sand friend.”
6. Zosia “I like to learn interesting stories. Now I read the ‘Pamiętnik dobrego psa’. These are funny adventures of a dog called Winter.”
7. Dimitar “When I read, I later have different ideas for drawings. Now I read about the adventures of Donald Duck.”
8. Sara “There are interesting facts about animals and the world in the books. I read ‘Opowieści o zwierzętach, które zmieniły świat”
9. Felek “When you read, you learn a new story and new words. Now I read the ‘Dziób w dziób’. For me it’s an experiment, because the book is a record of conversations of the characters and looks like a script.”
10. Mrs. Gosia “Reading is an opportunity to learn the views, world and imagination of another person. It is also a form of conversation with the author. I am currently reading a ‘Morze utraconych opowiadań i inne felietony’. The author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I have been an admirer of Ibero-American literature and magical realism from high school years I can recommend the book to anyone who shares my fascination.”


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