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School council

On Wednesday, 6th of November, in grades 5-8 of MYP and our high school, the election of student council representatives took place.

Aleksandra Rodziewicz (7th grade) became the chairman of the school council, and Franciszek Górski (8th grade) became her deputy.

School council will also include representatives of individual classes: Grade 5a: Tymon Górski (chairman), Julia Szymańska (deputy);

Grade 5b: Mikołaj Majkut (chairman), Wincent Chrystowski (deputy);

Grade 6: Lea Poniewierska (chairwoman), Maksymilian Remiszewski (deputy);

Grade 7: Aleksandra Rodziewicz (chairwoman), Tymon Groniewski (deputy);

Grade 8: Karol Sawicki (chairman), Maja Orzeszyna (deputy).

The term of office of the new school council begins on December 1st, 2019 and ends on November 31, 2020.



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