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Polish National Anthem

On the 8th of November, the entire MIS community sang the Polish National Anthem.

On the 13th of November, 7th graders presented the artistic program “Fatherland” prepared together with preschoolers for the PYP community. Whereas class 8 prepared performance “Dziady” for the MYP community.

Preschoolers sang and danced “Ole, ole Janko”, “In a stone basement” and “Flows Wisła, flows”. Students – “Two hearts”, “Dumka for two hearts”, from Czesław Niemen’s repertoire – “Warsaw day”, “This world is strange” and “Homeland” – a song by Marek Grechuta. Everyone had a difficult task to complete. The youngest, because for the majority it was a stage debut in life and there were a few teacher-fluffers in front of the stage. Their presence behind them was slight support, especially since the smallest children stood on the stage in the first row. But most of the kids kept cool and managed the ambitious task, having fun at the same time, which indicates their good preparation for the performance. The seventh graders once again surprised with singing.

The eighth grade presented the performance of the second part of “Dziady” by Adam Mickiewicz. Students from 5 to 7 were seated in the audience. The performance was the result of eighth-graders’ work on school reading. All the students in this class took part in it. None of them are actors in our Monnet Theater. When all this is taken into account, the statement that the performance was brilliant will not seem exaggerated. Students will remember this for the rest of their lives because they experienced and understood it, and also – they had a good time discussing it. In the audience during the performance, it was quiet as poppy sowed. So it will probably be easier for younger students to reach for Dziady when the time comes. The stage success is not surprising since the eighth-grade teacher – Krystyna Szrajber is at the same time the creator and person running the Monnet Theater, and some students have been in the IB program for several years, some even from kindergarten. Musical effects appeared in the performance, which was created thanks to cooperation with Magdalena Skawińska.

Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska, Więcej

On the 11th of November we celebrated Polish Independence Day. To honor this historical event our students created some great art works. During our school assembly Mrs. Kasia read a thought-provoking book ,,Mój Pan woła na mnie Pies“. For this occasion third grade also prepared a short play showing the most important historical events which have contributed to that we’re living in a free country today. They also went to Dom Wsparcia Dla Powstańców where they had a chance to show this to people who played an important role in the history of our country. It was such a great experience! Likewise, during the patriotic week we got to know some of the main holidays taking place at that time in other countries.

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