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Memoriał im. Bronisława Malinowskiego

On September 23, a group of students from PYP and MYP from grades 3-8 developed being risk-takers during the cross-country race ?: a Memorial to the 1980 Olympic Champion from Moscow at the distance of 3000 meters with obstacles – Bronisław Malinowski.

The whole group had a fantastic time together and challenged themselves bravely. All the participants tried their best and a lot of great results were achieved.

The colors ? ? ❤️   of the school were proudly represented by: Maja, Alicja, Alicja (3A), Filippo, Jakub, Stanisław (3B), Jan, Emilia (4A), Mateusz, Timur, Leon, Florentyna, Zofia (4B), Leon (5A), Rozalia, Lilia, Bruno, Wiktor, Franciszek, Borjan (6A) Antek, Julia (6B), Jorden (7A), Maks (8A). Each student made an important contribution to the team scoring, in which we took a very good 5th place, not losing much to the podium.

Maja? (3A), Mateusz ? (4B), Julia ? (6B) and Bruno? (6A) deserved a special mention, and despite a strong and numerous group of participants, they managed to take a place on the podium of the event.

The P.E. Teachers Team would like to thank all of the participant for such a willing and wonderful participation in the competition!

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