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Green week of the Exhibition

We spent the sixth week of the PYP Exhibition on a Green Camp in Brok by the River Bug. On the first day we touched upon a topic of consumerism. Inspired by the book: „Ważne rozmowy Krysi o świecie: Rozmowy o konsumpcjonizmie” we created our vision of minimalists and consumerists. We also watched a moving film “The Boy and the World”. Having read English project books, we created three posters presenting Gandhi, polar bears and landfills. We also watched more episodes of ”Once upon a time… Earth”, learning some interesting facts about the fair trade and children’s labour. What is more, we conducted an ecological survey between all members of MIS community, asking them about their lifestyle, helping people and animals. ‘Podaj rękę’ group organized ‘The Reading Hour’ and follow-up activities for 2nd-graders. In this beautiful and peaceful surrounding we could be truly creative.

Apart from project activities, we had a lot of fun! On Children’s Day we visited a ropes course, ate delicious ice-cream and played water dodgeball ☺

We spent  a great time that we will remember forever.

Please, feel free to visit our picture gallery and expect a new film very soon ☺.

Best wishes,

Yours Grade 4a



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