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The Secrets of the PYP Exhibition – part 1

The First week of The PYP Exhibition

The first week of the Exhibition is over! We stated with a workshop on copyright. We learnt words such as: plagiarism, fair use, citation, bibliography. Then, we set up Exhibition Journal where we are going to put materials and notes connected to our Academic Honesty and Student Guidelines.

We revised the essential elements of the PYP: Learner Profile attributes, attitudes, key concepts and skills that will help us to succeed. Then, we filled in a pre-assessment handout and we created our own mind maps about the Exhibition. We got to know the comic by Ms. Jola Borodzik which built our knowledge about the topic. On its basis we listed six facts about our final unit. We also talked about Sharing the planet transdiscipilanry theme.

At the end of the week, divided into four groups we created posters answering questions about Earth’s resources.

Visit our photo gallery and do not miss our next week’s report. 🙂



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