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PYP Exhibition 2022

On 26 May 2022, the students of the final classes of the PYP programme organised an Exhibition. It was a great celebration of the whole school community. The fourth-graders presented the results of their 8-month work on a unit of inquiry of their choice.

All groups were united by one common transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the Planet. Each group addressed a different important global issue: healthy lifestyles, different energy resources, life on earth in different ecosystems and water pollution.

Each exhibition group prepared a presentation, a song and a stand with different works. They presented themselves fantastically!!! Huge congratulations to all the students for this amazing success!!!

Many thanks to all the Parents for their tremendous support and involvement in the various exhibition works. We would also like to thank all the group mentors, teachers and all the school staff who helped with this great event.

This is a huge success of the whole Monnet community J

Please take a look at the photo gallery of the event.

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