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15th Non-public Primary School Swimming Competition For the SSP 10 Director Cup

On May 9, 2022 a modest 9-person representation of our school took part in the swimming competition 🏊as part of the 15th NON-PUBLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL SWIMMING COMPETITION FOR THE SSP 10 DIRECTOR CUP at the swimming pool known to our students at ul. Polna 7A.

Students born in 2007-2015 could take part in the competition. This time, the strength of our team were the youngest students who competed on a distance of 25 meters in freestyle and backstroke … What were the emotions! What the results achieved! And the tradition was followed and we also managed to come back from this competition with medals from 🥇🥇 Vlad from 2B who turned out to be unrivaled in all his starts in the youngest boys category.

👏The best results of our students are as follows: 👏

  • Vlad (2B) – gold 25m backstroke and freestyle
  • Michalina (2B) – great time and great place – 6 at 25 m backstroke
  • Iryna (2A) – 7th place in 25m freestyle – Welcome to sports Monnet! 💪
  • Alicja (3A) – great result, great place – 7 in 25m backstroke
  • Maciej (3A) – 23rd place on 25m backstroke
  • Elliott (3A) – very good result on 25m backstroke and 17th place for almost 30 participants!
  • Robert (3B) – very good result on 25m backstroke and 18th place
  • Emilia (4A) – great result in 25m freestyle and 8th place (out of 25 girls starting!)
  • Ruby (6A) – 8th 50m backstroke!

Our students have integrated themselves very well from the very beginning, as evidenced by the photos below 🤩😊🤩 It remains to be counted that next year there will be more daredevils for the 16th edition of the competition! Huge applause once again, it was nice to watch the races performed by you with so much commitment! 😍


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