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“The languages of Art” – friday

Today our festival „The languages of Art” is coming to an end. Sofiia Yermak and Inez Stańczyk prepared an interpretation of German poem „Ich wunsh mir was” written by an unknown poet. Congratulations for a wonderful recitation.

Finally, we have….

The results of the  translation competition: “The Young Translate Louise Glück”.

We are happy to announce that the our translation competition has been resolved! Seven students of our school sent their translations of the Nobel Prize winner’s poems. Poems – it should be noted here – that constitute a real challenge. The jury selected two poems that stood out in particular.

The first place in the “The Young Translate Louise Glück” competition is awarded to Hanna Marczuk from the 2nd grade pre-DP for the excellent translation of the poem “The Past”. This work proves extraordinary maturity: it maintains a balance between being faithful to the original and creating a text that sounds poetic and romantic for the Polish audience. You can see here the deep reflection of the young translator and conscious, well-balanced choices. Quoting Dr. Anna Warso, a special guest of our jury, an expert in American literature and translator: “This is a poem about a voice and this voice has been respected here. In my opinion, it is close to Louise Glück’s voice. “

We also award a distinction to Zofia Mądra from the 2nd grade  DP for the excellent translation of “The Myth of Innocence”. This work proves the skill and sensitivity to the word, as well as creativity in dealing with a complicated and ambiguous piece.

Hania’s winning translation will be honoured with an interpretation performed by the 4th Floor Theater,  and as well as with the award-winning translation by Zosia, it will be  published in the Gazeta Monneta. We hope that we will soon have the opportunity to present the authors with book prizes. Hania and Zosia – congratulations!