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Gazeta Monneta nr 11

Dear Readers,

It is not easy to combine art and science. Both fields are specific in their own way. It is also common for some people to say of themselves that they are liberal arts-oriented, and thus not interested in sciences. Others say they are artists and do not intend to pursue science. Painting or sculpture seem to be an unnecessary addition to them.

The IB programme highlights the diversity of students’ interests. To pass their exams, a candidate must choose six different subjects from various subject groups. There is room for Polish and Foreign Literature, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, as well as Visual Arts, Music or Theatre. An IB student is obliged to show their versatility and a multitude of interests one way or another.

You may ask whether or not this is a utopian idea. After all, every person has predispositions to different things. However, what is puzzling to me in today’s world is that comprehensive education may very well be the answer to a changing world. There are studies which conclude that most currently available jobs will disappear in the next few decades. Only a person who can meet this challenge will be able to survive in the ever-changing labour market.

In this issue, Gazeta Monneta would like to draw your attention to the diversity and versatility of our interests. We show you how you can combine art with science. A lot of texts have been written on science, painting and literature. Sports, culinary and even ecology have also not been neglected. German-language articles make their debut on our pages. Therefore, you can read articles in Gazeta Monneta in all four languages taught at our high school. The artworks of our youngest students are also worthy of attention!

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting our junior primary school with several eighth-grade students. It turned out that the students had been working on their own climate magazine and wanted to ask their fellow students for advice on how to efficiently prepare and write an article. I was delighted by both the maturity of our eighth-graders, who were able to convey the secrets of journalistic work to their younger colleagues in a factual manner, and the huge commitment and attentiveness of their younger schoolmates. I’m glad that Gazeta Monneta is expanding the group of its creators with each issue!I wish you pleasant reading!

Aleksander Jarnicki
Editor-in-Chief of Gazeta Monneta