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Full Spanish immersion in Salamanca

On the 8th of October 2017, a group of students composed of the 1 and 2 IB went to Salamanca in Spain to improve their Spanish.

We arrived very early that morning to Modlin airport and were all ready and excited for our flight. We arrived in Madrid and went straight to the bus to go to Salamanca. When we arrived in Salamanca our very nice house families came to pick us up to take us to our home for the week. We all squished into 2 cars and rode off to our two separate houses. When we arrived, we unpacked and ate the amazing food that the lady made for us. Then we decided to go explore Salamanca a bit so we went on an evening walk to see the city.

Our family’s house was 30 minutes from the city centre so we had to walk everyday but it was worth it. The weather was beautiful and so was the city. We had Spanish classes every day from 9:30-13:00. We were learning about various things such as food or movies.

After the classes each day we had different activities. On day we went bike riding all around Salamanca. We rode about 20 km and had so much fun. We really got to practise our Spanish and everyone there was so helpful and nice. We ate the best food and visited the gorgeous landmarks of Salamanca like the cathedrals and even the university. Everyone there was very friendly and there were so many amazing dogs! Even the food served at our house was amazing. It was so delicious  that we never wanted to leave it so we would always finish it and be stuffed.

We left Salamanca on the 14th of October 2017 and I think overall this trip was one of the highlights of my year. I really enjoyed the people that went, all the extremely fun things that we did there, and the amazing teacher that made it all happen.

Written by Victoria Skelton and Julia Naruszewicz-Stroińska



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