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II Film Festival – tuesday

On the second day of the II Monnet Film Festival we have planned a series directed by Elwira Kawecka. As it is described by Elwira herself:

Cinderella in today’s life is a three-episode series that was made for you to laugh at when you see it. It’s a comedy that will maybe not bring anything important into your life, but it’s made to light up your day with a little bit of humour. Its basically a remake of a popular Disney story “Cinderella” about a girl turning into a princess. Well in this case the girl is just turning into a cooler person but in order to know what I mean you will have to watch the series. It was made under COVID restrictions. That’s why there are only female actors in it that I knew weren’t sick. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as me and my friends enjoyed making it.