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Yoga workshops

Last Friday, students of our school had the opportunity to participate in unique yoga workshops, conducted in English by the invited guest Marybel – @ma_yogabell.

Marybel is a certified yoga instructor who has been trained for 6 months from the best trainers in India. She also has extensive experience in conducting yoga for children and adults of all levels. During the workshops, our guest led the students to the world of yoga, performing several poses (asanas) and breathing exercises with them. Thanks to the classes, students had the opportunity to relax, stretch and forget about school duties for a moment. Our students were active and very involved in the course of the class, and the asanas they performed looked impressive. We will probably organize activities of this type for students more than once, because they help to relax and understand how our body works. With this event, we would also like to initiate a series of meetings with various sports disciplines at our school.

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