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Workshops and attractions entitled “Easter rabbit”

On the occasion of Easter, students from grades 6A and 6B organized and conducted workshops and attractions entitled “Easter rabbit”.

Grade 6A went to the youngest students from grades 0-1 of the PYP program, where, in the form of active workshops, students prepared several attractions of various types. At the beginning, artistic workshops during which children prepared beautiful Easter bunnies. Then a knowledge quiz about Easter traditions. Later, on the school playground, the children were overcoming the obstacle course with an egg carried on a spoon, as well as throwing at the target and playing bowling with a rubber egg. Another attraction was an adventure game in which the youngest students had to search and solve new tasks in order to reach the goal, which were carefully hidden chocolate eggs. The whole thing was topped off with a wonderful “photo booth” with accessories.

Grade 6B began her visit to Paddington Bear’s Kindergarten by reading a letter from a bunny rabbit. Then, a quiz was conducted during which children could demonstrate their knowledge of Easter traditions, and at the end, preschoolers, with the help of 6B students, prepared Easter chickens. Visits to younger students could not end otherwise than with a sweet gift at the end of a joyful joint fun!

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