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Women Superheroes in our class – a workshop in Grade 4

In the course of our current Unit of Inquiry about role models, both Grade 4 classes took part in a special workshop called Superheroines.

During the workshop students watched a 25 minute animated movie, in which 11 super Polish women talk about themselves. Students learnt about their life, their accomplishments and what was important to them. They also found out what super powers and talents made these women great and successful. During the presentation, students were trying to figure out what they have in common with these great heroines.

Next, all students chose one superheroine, who represents their class best and who can inspire them throughout the year.

Class 4a chose Simona Kossak – biologist, and class 4b chose Wanda Rutkiewicz – alpinist.

We would like to Thank Mrs. Magdalena Trubalska very much, a mom of our student, who came up with the idea of this great workshop and also ran it.

Mrs. Magda is associated with Kosmos dla Dziewczynek foundation where she is a manager for the community projects. She is also the author of its ,,Superheroines’’ workshop.

For more information about the project please go to the following website:https://fundacjakosmos.org/superbohaterki/


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