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Warszawska Olimpiada Młodzieży – gimnastyka

This year’s adventure with gymnastics ended on Tuesday. The teams that previously won the District Championships joined the competition in the finals of the Warsaw Olympics. Including many sports schools / sports classes with a gymnastics profile.

Our girls from the PYP programs fought bravely and showed everything that could be trained during the two months of afternoon training. The gymnastic goat through jump competition was the first to take place, followed by the balance exercises on the gymnastic bench. At the end of the competition, the students performed a set of free exercises on the gymnastic path, among others handstand, cartwheel, bridge and rolls.

This time, there was a shortage of experience in the medal zone, but we managed to score some valuable points for the district and present the lime T-shirts again this year during the Warsaw Championships.

We will definitely not stop there!

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