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Szkoła podstawowa MYP
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tel. MYP +48 22 852 31 10

Virtual adoption

The DHS exhibition group decided to virtually adopt a dog. We chose the shelter in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki run by the foundation Przyjaciele Braci Mniejszych.

Since March we have already adopted Daktylek, Haribo and Tymianek. All dogs happily found a new home.

Currently we are virtual guardians of Falbanka:


We would also like to remind you that our campaign to collect necessary things for dogs from this shelter is still going on. We collect:

  • dry and wet food for dogs
  • collars, harnesses, leashes
  • toys
  • blankets, quilts, towels
  • brushes, combs

Please bring the gifts to the office of the primary school, 13 Stępińska Street.


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