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Third Week of The PYP Exhibition

In the beginning of Week 3 we planned all our actions. We formulated central idea and lines of inquiry.

Our central idea is:

Inhabitants of Earth should responsibly care for each other and their planet,  which we are going to inquire according to three lines of inquiry:

• Positive and negative influence of human actions on our planet

• Possible ways of helping people whose rights are limited

• Ways of helping and showing respect for animals

Together with our parents we brainstormed ideas for activities, trips and experts  we can invite and talk to. Inspired by this, we made a great mind map!

We also dived into three groups of interests: environment, animals and people. We signed Exhibition Group Agreement, created logos, names of the groups and even… a song! ☺

We are reporting our actions on a board next to our class entitled: ‘PYP Exhibition News’. We are putting there all the actions. Follow it!

During ICT lessons we also created pictures in MS Paint connected to our lines of inquiry.

Then, we came up with an idea to record films in which we are going to introduce ourselves to all Members of Our School Community. Be patient – they will appear soon ☺

You are more than welcome to see our photo gallery.


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