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The very intense beginning of April

A trip to Łódź? Why not!

😀 On Thursday, April 7th the Green Light Exhibition group went to the EC1 Science and Technology Center in Łódź and took part in the lesson entitled: “Where does the electricity come from and how the coal power station works.”

The rest of the groups were:

  • planning their own lessons because soon they will play the role of experts in their fields and conduct classes on the topics of: healthy lifestyle, aquatic environment, life on land and human influence on the landscape,
  • creating ecosystem models, preparing to record a video on the occasion of Earth Day.

💡🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ It is worth mentioning that a week ago the Healthy Being Go! participated in a yoga session led by our PE teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Emilka! 🤝😊

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