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The PYP Exhibition Kick-Off

On Thursday October 8th, 4th grade students started working on the PYP Exhibition – an amazing and last unit in the PYP program.

At the beginning of each project, also this time, we started our activities with a prior assessment and checking the initial knowledge. Then the students took part in a provocation, which was an introduction to the workshop on academic honesty led by Ms Angelika Maj, the MYP coordinator.

The fourth-graders also set up their Exhibition Journals, where they will:

  • write down their thoughts,
  • reflect and plan their actions.

They also got acquainted with a comic that allowed them to write down the most important facts related to the PYP Exhibition.

We will keep you updated about this Unit and share our results to the entire MIS community during the Exhibition Final on May 28, 2021.

Please visit the photo gallery and follow the tab on our website “Exhibition 2020/21”.

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