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As every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, students from our school celebrated Thanksgiving. This year 5th and 6th graders invited students from grades 0 and 1. Our younger students had plenty of attractions. 5th and 6th graders played the role of the Native Americans, while the zero and first graders were given symbolic pilgrims’ caps. Much emotion was aroused by meeting with ‘real’ Native Americans who were telling the story of their lives – Geronimo, Squanto, Sitting Bull, Pochahontas, Sacagawea. The students had the opportunity to listen to the Indian legend “The rising of the sun”. They also got to know the story of Thanksgiving, the meaning of symbols and previously unknown facts. Finally, for the tradition to be fulfilled, a common feast of thanksgiving took place. A lot of emotions and a lot of experience, for which we are all very grateful!


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