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Table tennis tournament PYP

On May 19, 2021, on the occasion of the upcoming Children’s Day, Physical Education teachers organized a table tennis tournament for the youngest students. The matches were very tight and there was a noticeable increase in skills among the participating children compared to the first edition of the tournament. Ultimately, in the boys category, Leon (4 PYP) won for the second time before Albert (4 PYP) and in an obstinate match for a bronze medal with Jan (3A PYP), this time Jeremi (3A PYP) turned out to be better. In the girls category, Martyna (0 PYP) remained undefeated ahead of Hania (0 PYP) and Lila (4 PYP). After the matches were over, all participants received diplomas and commemorative medals specially prepared for this occasion. Congratulations to all students involved for spending this afternoon at the table with us!

PE TEAM- Emilia and Michał

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