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Table Tennis Mokotów Championship

After this year’s successful starts in cross-country running, handball, floorball, football, badminton and chess, last week was the moment of competing in the discipline No. 1 in our school – TABLE TENNIS ???. The expectations before the tournaments were high, but what our representatives did exceeded the dreams of children and PE TEAM, namely:

THE GIRLS CHILDREN TEAM, whose honor was defended bravely by Zofia (7A) and Naomi (6A), won the MOKOTÓW CHAMPIONSHIP! ???. The girls will have the honor to defend the colors of the district and the school at the Warsaw Championships! It should be emphasized that the girls won each of their duels with individual schools.

THE BOYS CHILDREN TEAM, in which Leon (5A) and Tytus (6B) performed, won SILVER MEDALS???, slightly losing in the grand finale to children from Primary School No. 2 of the Alliance of Families.

THE TEAM OF GIRLS IN THE YOUTH CATEGORY, consisting of Lea and Erika (8A), took the unlucky 4th place.

THE TEAM OF BOYS IN THE YOUTH CATEGORY, where Bruno (8A) and Tymon (7A) fought bravely, managed to win a place in the 5-6 range.

Good job , big applause to all representatives and all active players on the fourth floor – thanks to all of you, the level at school increases from tournament to tournament PE TEAM

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