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Summary of the next week of the PYP Exhibition

In the fourth week of the PYP Exhibition, we were painting the group crests. The paintings were made on canvas.

We carried out tasks within selected lines of inquiry.

The Painters group worked on the timelines with information about chosen art style.

The Music & Dance group created the timelines showing the development of dance and music throughout history. Members of the group also talked about their music or dance idols.

The We Are Animals Group has taken steps related to the organization of a school exhibition of books about animals.

The Internet Masters group worked on comics related to the ways of using the Internet.

The Ultimate Team watched a short film and talked about benefits of playing sports on the human body. Members of this group also prepared questions for interview with PE teachers or coaches.

This week was very busy, but at the same time pleasant. Wait for further messages from us!

Greetings, 4a and 4b Students


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