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ul. Belwederska 6a (MYP)
Szkoła podstawowa PYP
Szkoła podstawowa MYP
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tel. MYP +48 22 852 31 10

Stationary Green School in MYP classes

This year’s Green School for grades 5-8 was held under the slogan “What is the Trojan Horse Hiding?” The students took part in many classes in Polish, history, design, music and the English language inspired by antiquity. In the final, each class had the opportunity to present themselves to the entire MIS community. Grade 5b played Horace’s ode on forage, Grade 5a danced Aphrodite’s dance, Grade 6 sang and recited a song by Horace, Grade 7 prepared a performance in English about the causes of the Trojan War, and Grade 8 performed a humorous scene “The rich interior of the Trojan Horse”. Then, in groups of different ages, all participants of the Green School took part in the exciting Kahoot quiz. We also visited an exhibition of student works inspired by the Trojan War.

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