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Relax Festival

The Relax Festival was recently held in grades 0-4. In each group the students and teachers wondered what relaxes them the most, looked for different forms of rest, tried new things. Here is a short description of our activities:

Grade 0

During the Relaxation Festival, class 0 practiced various forms of relaxation exercises every day. We decided that garden work can be a form of relaxation. We decided to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs. We talked about when and why anger appears in the relationship, how to deal with it. We created a corner where we can unload our anger.

Grade 1a and 1b

During the festival we have got an opportunity to try two methods of relaxation – Jacobson and Schultz. Additionally, we have had class with art therapy, when we have created autumn mandala and story time.

Grade 2a

During the festival of relaxation in class 2a we discussed our favorite forms of rest, thanks to which we learned a lot of interesting things about ourselves. We read a story entitled “Rest”, from which we learned that each of us is different and rests in a different way. We listened to relaxing music, did artwork, listened to relaxing fairy tales, and went for a short walk near the school.

Grade 2b

During the festival of relaxation class 2b discussed their favorite forms of rest. We listened to relaxing music and some relaxing stories. We learnt how to breath properly and massaged each other. We read our favorite books.

Grade 3a

During the Festival of Relaxation, class 3a created a mind map about relaxation. We talked about what makes us feel relaxed. We have created drawings of situations that have a positive impact on our well-being. We learned what meditation is and we tried to relax in silence with relaxing music. On the last day, we were colouring mandalas.

Grade 3b

During the festival of relaxation in class 3b we discussed our favorite forms of rest. We read our favorite stories. We listened to relaxing music, and did green artwork. We went for a short walk.

Grade 4a

We started the week with a mind map about different forms of relaxation that are true for us. During the next days we practised our awareness by: mindful minute breathing in and out, picking a topic and thinking of an example for every letter of the alphabet, mindful breakfast. We also took part in a challenge: “Start your day the mindful day” docusing for exaple on: stretching and wiggling fingers and toes after waking up, noticing the smell of the soap we used, noticing the smell of the breakfast and looking at the surroundings on the way to school. We also had a lot of opportunities fo express creatively. We were drawing, painting and creating a collage. During classes we were listening to relaxing music. In the end, during IT class we were colouring mandala online. Now we know the techniques to use on everyday basis.

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