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The first month of the PYP Exhibition

On October, 10th we have started working on the PYP Exhibition. Ms. Angelika Maj came to us and explained what academic honesty is. We created a star with top important information about this topic.

Then, as a prior assessment we created a mind map presenting our initial thoughts about the PYP Exhibition. We also inquired more about plagiarism. We drew pictures and signed them by writing our names on the post paper. Then, our names were mixed and we got to know what plagiarism is really like. We also revised the essential elements of the PYP:

– key concepts – asking questions about the Learner Profile

– Learner Profile – preparing scenes about each learner profile attribute

– approaches to learning – matching the statements to the correct category and sticking them on the posters.

We also set up our own Exhibition Journal, in which we will put all our works connected to this unit. Individually, we designed the title page during our ICT lesson.

In groups, we also read a comic about the Exhibition, we summarized it, wrote six facts about the Exhibition and put them on the poster.

Each of us designed a shield presenting our interests, then we realized that our passions are connected with each other. Thanks to this activity, 4 groups were formed:

  • individual sports
  • team sports
  • computer art
  • science

We encourage you to read our future posts, which will be published every month. Best wishes, Grade 4a and 4b Students


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