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Our sport-talented children don’t slow down!

Our sport-talented children do not slow down! After this year’s successful starts in cross-country, handball?, floorball?, football, badminton?, chess and table tennis? the moment of competition in the so-called Winter sports .

On 15/12/2021, willing students took part in the competition as part of the district qualifying rounds of the Warsaw Youth Olympics – Mokotów Championship in WINTER SPORTS ❄️?⛸️

BOYS TEAM: Bruno (6A) [captain], Dimitar (4B), Borjan (6A), Franciszek (6A), Tytus (6B), Xavier (5A) took second place ? in the GOLDEN RING ? where four heavy ones were waiting for them competitions such as running the puck with a slalom hockey stick or riding with the stick backwards.

GIRLS TEAM: Lilia (6A) [captain], Rozalia (6A), Masha (5A), Milana (5A), Helena (6B) and Esther (6B) also won silver medals ? in the BLUE RELAY⛸️. There were competitions for the girls consisting reverse, slalom or eighth driving.

Thank you for showing an attitude worthy of an IB: RISK TAKERS– because despite the change of the date of the competition and less time to prepare, we managed to put up two teams.

Bravo for them! ?


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