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Our older PYP Exhibition experts – meeting with grade 5

On November 5th we met virtually with grade 5 representatives to talk about The PYP Exhibition and exchange experiences. At the beginning, each of the guest speakers introduced and shared a little about their groups and topics. Before the meeting, we created questions and then we asked them. The meeting helped us with our preparations, we gathered a lot more information about The PYP Exhibition project from our older friends who experienced it last year.

Below, we present questions and answers that appeared at the meeting.   

Leon: When you started, what was your goal and how did you divide tasks?

5th graders: First, we found out the goal and then we divided into groups of interests. We agreed that each member of the group is responsible for a given task. We also plan our tasks in time: one is done now, the second next week.

Alex: What was the final like from your perspective?

5th graders: At first, we thought it went wrong, but then we realized  that what we did and achieved was amazing.

Mikołaj: How did you like this project?

5th graders: We liked it very much! It was a pleasure for us to work on it.

Lilia: What did animal group present?

5th graders: We were interested in different animals. We raised funds to help them e.g. garage sale for Australian animals. We also visited mini zoo to see them, feed them, touch them and learn more about them. 

Marcel: What was the most difficult for you, what were your challenges?

5th graders: All the project was a bit challenging, some tasks were easy but in some of them we had to put a lot more effort.

What made this project pleasant for you?

5th graders:  If you do what you like and learn more, it brings you pleasure.

Alek: How well did you work in groups?

5th graders: The cooperation within the groups was good. We formed groups really fast and we were satisfied. Although, one of the student changed the group because he realized something else inspires him more. It is important to follow your passion.

Dear Fifth Graders, you helped us a lot. Because of you we learnt a lot about working in a team. Thank you for the inspiring meeting.


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