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News from The PYP Exhibition Groups

  • WAG News  

Outside, the spring and the coronavirus, but we are working very hard on the PYP Exhibition! 🙂

During our online meetings we prepared the following work: 

1. “People need to respect animals” – create a poster promoting a respectful attitude for animals. 

2. “My pet inspires me to be creative!” – we could write a song, a poem, do artistic work, make a comic book, write a story from pet’s perspective.  

3. Each of us wrote: The 10 commandments of a responsible pet owner. 

4. Last Thursday, we have created our survey. We want Monnet students to fill it up .We can’t wait to know the results. 🙂  

  • TSB still works!

In the present time we have moved our activities into the virtual world. We are still working on our central idea and deepening our knowledge about doping in sport.

In the last weeks we have taken up our interests. Everyone has prepared a work about his greatest passion. We were wondering what makes a given sport so fascinating to us. We discovered that as a TSB group we are most interested in football, basketball and hockey.

We chose two songs that we would like to sing: ‘Live it up’ and ‘Feel the magic’.

Together we have created the questions for a questionnaire, which we will soon send out to the students of our school.

  • SIG group worked hard.

During online classes we:

  1. watched a video „How Playing Sports Benefits Your Body And Your Brain”, which inspired us to create presentations and videos about benefits of sports.
  2. created the survey for MIS students.
  3. are in the process of creating artworks inspired by our passions – individual sports.

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