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News from Green Light Group

During the recent weeks we’ve been working on our first line of inquiry called: Kinds of energy and ways of producing it around the world.  We prepared a poster and work schedule for the coming months. We also read interesting books and articles, we watched videos connected to our unit. 

We explored the following topics: 

  • Coal energy 
  • Wind energy 
  • Hydro energy 
  • Solar energy 
  • Geothermal energy 
  • Nuclear energy 

Well done to You all for fantastic multimedia presentations and wonderful posters! 

Starting next week, we are beginning to work on our second line of inquiry called: Impact of the energy production on the world. We will host an expert very soon. Mr Wojciech – Michał’s dad – will be visiting us and will tell us about his job and passion – energy production. We are also planning to see a small hydroelectric power plant here in Warsaw at Staw Służewiecki. 

On top of all that, there is something exciting coming our way as well. Details will follow very soon.

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