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Monnet football wins it all!

Our little young footballers from 2008, together with their younger school friends, have proved their position in the district ?

The girls proved that they don’t  fully agree with Ryszard Rynkowski, who sings that “girls like bronze”, because with a lot of help of the best player of the whole tournament- Antonia (6A) and the iron defense of Kamila (7A), Erice (7A), Lilia (7A), Rozalia (5A), Julka (5B), Ruby (5A), Natalia (6A), Ewa (6A) and Lea (7A) won the silver medals of the Mokotów Championship! Bravo girls!

The boys, after being promoted to the semi-finals, had to recognize the clear superiority of their 2 years older colleagues from the school. im. św. Franciszka. In the match for 3rd place, despite the unfavorable result (we were losing 0: 2 by the break), they managed to gather strength and lead to a draw, unfortunately losing a medal in a penalty kicks … Good job boys !! Borjan (5A), Boris (5B), Bruno (5A), Tytus (5B), Tymon (6A), Tymon (5A), Maksymilian (7A), Michał (6A), Antoni (5B) and Leon (4A) ⚽⚽⚽.

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