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Letter to IB visitors

Dear Sirs,

Due to the accumulation of our official duties, unfortunately, we will not be able to meet you next Tuesday. Nevertheless, as parents of Bruno Bugla, who has been a student at Monnet International School for 7 years, we would like to share with you our thoughts on our son’s participation in two IB programmes – the PYP and MYP.

Our son began his adventure with the IB programmes 7 years ago. We knew little about the PYP – mainly that it is recognizable and valued all around the world, but rare and innovative in Poland. We were even more curious about it since we had heard that it combines high-level education with a programme putting stress on the development of a child’s specific traits as a human being. Reading that: learning in the IB programmes is full of joy and casually, due to a holistic approach to education, that kids work in a group a lot with a teacher who is not an oracle but a guide ready to follow children interests, that the students share their discoveries, thanks to studying in the program, they become open-minded, reflective, caring and are not afraid of making mistakes…, sounded just like a fairy tale and more than fulfilled all of our expectations, and even dreams. At that time, the school already had extensive experience in preparing the students for their International Baccalaureate, but only a short history of teaching in the PYP and MYP. What finally convinced us about boarding this relatively new sailing ship ware conversations with the Head Director, Ms. Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska, and the teachers who worked in the PYP. We met expressive, open-minded people without complexes, who were full of great enthusiasm for working with young people! Seven years ago, we believed that the IB programmes would be the best choice of educational path for our child, and we do not regret this decision to this day.

Bruno’s parents – read full text on our blog

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