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How have we changed the world for the better? – WAG PYP Exhibition Group

  1. Thank to our fundraising during our Garage Sale for Australia we donated $482 which helped  urgently provide care and a recovery plan for the most threatened species injured in Australian fires.  Because of our donation, WWF’s support for sick and injured animals in crisis can continue to restore habitats, food and breeding grounds for fragile populations in the worst-hit areas like Kangaroo Island. We were surprised to read in the letter:  “Incredibly, glossy-black cockatoos are attempting to breed on Kangaroo Island, the scene of devastating fires. This shows how nature can bounce back from even the most terrible circumstances. And we can only support this work on the ground through the support you’ve given us. Thank you.” – Darren Grover, Head of Healthy Land and Seascapes.  

Many thanks to all of you once again who took part in and donated money to our Garage Sale on February, 27th.

2. Initiative by Marianna Libucha who designed and distributed leaflets in her neighborhood appeared in the newest “Nasza Biebrza” magazine.  

You are more than welcome to read it: https://www.biebrza.org.pl/plik,4882,numer-50-wiosna-lato-2020.pdf, especially page 2. 🙂


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