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How do we learn in grade 1?

Since the beginning of the quarantine, we’ve started to use different learning apps. Step by step we got familiar with NIT, since March we have online class and video meetings with our teachers.
In April we’ve started a new Unit of inquiry about sharing the planet and Earth’s resources. We will talk about what is important for us, how we can protect Earth and what does it mean to be balanced – physically and between meeting human needs and the use of the limited resource

Despite the difficuly of those bizzare times that we came to live in, grade 1b managed to start their new Unit of Inquiry before Easter. Unit which is very important because it is about the resources of the Earth and responsible ways of using them. We can say that this is quite a lucky coincidence that this unit is the one that we talk about during the quarantine because it is mainly about what people can do at home to help environment. Thanks to that kids could search for eco symbols in scavenger hunt and think where should all the leftovers from Easter tables go to. Students from 1b are real experts when it comes to recycling so we are slowly starting our next topic – water. We will talk about its importance as well as pollution caused by humans.


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