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II Monnet Film Festival Finals

With the great pleasure we announce the winners of II Monnet Film Festival. Having received over 70 % of votes ‘Painting from Alive Paint’,  a series directed by Jakub Reszuta won II Monnet Film Festival. 

Congratulations to the creators of the series: 

Alan Karwacki – production manager 

Kuba Kotowski – camerawork 

Julia Parys-  script advisor  

Laura Szymczak, Wiktoria Bober and Natasza Skupień  – make up artists  

Antoni Janicki, Natasza Skupień, Jannik Fischer, Maks Murawski, Juliusz Głodek, Julia Parys, Alan Karwacki, and Laura Szymczak- actors 

Jakub Reszuta- directing 


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