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How do we learn in grade 2?

2a class has just finished a unit of inquiry ‘Over time living things adapt in prder to survive.’ During this UOI we learnt how plants and animals adapt to different living conditions. We read the book „Asiunia” and learnt how people survived during the Second World Waw. We created books about animals going home and designed our ‘perfect’ animals.

Students designed “caring cards” that show our support for other people in time of isolation. We want to show that optimism, care and support are very important. We are also working on the summative assessment. Students create amazing fantastic animals, describe and illustrate their diet, habitats and amazing appearance. On Monday we will present our projects.

Class 2b is great! Students perfectly adapt to new conditions – they are open, boldly accept the challenge of remote education and follow the rules of virtual classes.


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